The Best Tennis Racquets On The Market

If you are an avid tennis player then you probably already have a vague idea of what kind of tennis racquet you are looking for. You may be looking to trade your old racket in for something newer and with a better grip. Maybe you need more control, comfort, or power. Whatever it is you are looking for there are various types of tennis rackets available for you to choose from. Maybe you need some additional facts before making a decision on the right tennis racket. Here are some tennis racquet reviews to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Tennis Racquets On The Market

Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2013

Babolat racquets are some of the best racquets on the market due to their durability and overall affordability. This particular racquet has been improved to provide more comfort as well as a crisper response time on the court. This Babolat tennis racquet offers you extreme control as well as easy spin. It has a powerful response allows you to gain control over all of your touch volleys. It is extremely lightweight and is perfect for any tennis player even a beginner. You can purchase this awesome racquet online for about $130.00 on sale.

Wilson Three BLX 113

Wilson is one of the biggest names in tennis. They create high-quality products that make it easy for players out on the court. This particular item is an oversized racquet that is considered to be the most comfortable one on the market. It has a very soft feel to it and a frame that does not cause arm pain. Shock and vibration is reduced to the triad technology that is used by Wilson. Even though this is one of Wilson’s larger racquets, it is extremely lightweight and powerful at the same time. You can purchase this racquet for $229.00.

The Best Tennis Racquets On The Market

Prince Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet

Even though this is not one of the most popular racquet brand, Prince has created a top-notch with lots of power and is perfect for baseline players who are very aggressive. It is made of Graphite and has a new powerful technology that gives you an enhanced response for a quicker and more effective response time. It provides the player with spin, power, and precision while not hurting your pocketbook. This particular racquet was used by tennis great John Isner. You can purchase this one online for $149.00.

Even though Babolat tennis racquets are the best in quality, there are a number of other racquets that provide you with similar precision and power. All of these racquets would be perfect for anyone from a beginner to a pro. Make sure you check out some online customer reviews as well as expert reviews to help you make your decision on which racquet is the best choice for you and your playing needs. You need to be your best on the court, so show them your stuff with a brand new tennis racquet that shows off your skill as well as your taste.